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Myth Buster Monday

If I have a doula I don't need to do any childbirth education. Not true. While a doula is a wonderful asset to your birth and can help encourage you and remind you of your options, nothing replaces personal education. Taking a childbirth class helps prepare you for what to expect. Especially if you are desiring a natural childbirth, an education class is the first step to line you up for success. So if I take a childbirth class, then I shouldn't need a doula. Not true. While having your own knowledge and being prepared for what lies ahead is incredibly important, it is easy to forget some of what you learned while in labor and you're not thinking as clearly. A doula helps remind you of what you learned, reminds you that (in a healthy delivery) what you are experiencing is normal, and reminds dad of how he can help the mom through the labor. Both of these tools are irreplaceable in your tool belt. I am a Birth Boot Camp certified doula and I know serveral Birth Boot Camp educa…
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Natural Hospital Birth

I am currently reading Natural Hospital Birth; The Best of Both Worlds, By Cynthia Gabriel. I love this book so far! Wanting to listening to your body and let it to lead the way through your labor and desiring the reassurance of a hospital are not two mutually exclusive wishes. 

In her book Cynthia emphasizes the importance of knowing what you want before going into your delivery. This is important because you have given yourself a goal and road map of how to get there. Also, not be too easily swayed off your path by being uninformed: Educate yourself on the different interventions and possible outcomes. Do all of this while knowing that a healthy baby and mom are your ultimate goals. 

If you go into your birth knowing what you want and being educated on the processes, even if the birth doesn't go how you had planned, you can rest assured that you did all within your power and made the best educated decisions for you and your baby. 

Having a doula aids in these situations, because sh…


Hi everyone!

I am Rachelle Martin. I have been a Birth Boot Camp certified doula since Novemeber 2017 and have loved every minute of serving the women in my community. My favorite births to attend are those in hospitals; I love working with the mom, her family, and the hospital staff to make sure the mom has a wonderful labor and delivery.  More to come soon!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

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